Setting up an Entity is quick and simple.

One of the first and most important decisions that you must make when doing business is deciding where to setup your Business Entity.

Upfront and On-going costs

We provide a cost effective and affordable solution for setting up a Business Entity.

Convenience & Flexibility

Our goal is to make organizing an LLC or any business easy. Our clients include foreign individuals needing to set up a U.S. based company to residents wanting a legal entity to conduct business to U.S. Citizens needing a business entity.

Tax Benefits

Most individuals have heard of the significant benefits of owning and operating their own business. However, many individuals are not clear on what these benefits are. Benefits vary by state and entity selection, therefore you should reach out to a professional.

Your Location

Some people think they need to have an LLC in the state where they live. This may be the case, but there are many different variables that come into play in determining where the entity is to be set up. One question is where is the property located, and what are the State Statutes in that particular State? What will you be doing with the entity, selling products or owning property?

What type of entity should you set up?

What is the best entity to set up? Why should I choose one entity type over another? Each entity type has many overlapping benefits, but each has its differences. Educate yourself on the differences so you can make an informed and appropriate decision.

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